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Use Simply Fish for a Richer and More Nutritious Soil

Simply Fish works well in irrigation systems and yields excellent results.  Simply Fish has been successfully used to treat seeds prior to planting,  works exceptionally well as a foliar spray, has natural fungicidal properties protecting roots, raises sugar content in plants, and produces thick root vegetables, as the amino acids provide stimulus for root growth hormones.


Benefits of Simply Fish Soil Amendment

      • Simple and pure ingredients - our fish component is derived from Ocean Wise™ recommended Steelhead salmon, free of antibiotics, additives or preservatives
      • High concentration of nitrogen for healthy leaf growth
      • Stimulates soil life and boosts production of healthier crop yields
      • Restores fertility in soils that have been overexploited, damaged or are naturally depleted of micronutrients
      • Enhances soil balance between the organic particles that serve as plant food and living micro organisms, enabling them to multiply and release beneficial macro and micronutrients to the plants



Our soil amendment conforms with the rquirments of the Canadian Organic Standards (COS) as well as the USDA National Organic Program.


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